How do I upgrade?

Verge QT Releases Page

If you want to go straight to the latest release:
Verge QT Latest Release Page

There are 2 main directories of the QT Wallet

  1. The “install directory”
    The directory where you put verge-qt.exe and verged.exe. Can be anywhere you want on your hard drive! I recommend unzipping the files into a new folder and name it after the version.
    Then when the next version comes out .. make a new one and unzip the files there:


  1. The “data directory”
    The default data directory on Windows is located at:
    The default data directory on Mac is located at:
    Library/Application Support/VERGE


*It’s a good idea to make a shortcut to this path to get to it easier in the future.


I explained that first because it’s key to understanding how simple the QT wallet actually is. You can “install” (unzip) the QT Wallet .exe files anywhere to any “install directory” your heart desires. They will always reference the same “data directory”. The “data directory” is where the “meat” of the application is. This is where your wallet.dat is, your peers.dat, and the blockchain.


So upgrading is as simple as unzipping the new files, and running it. Your new verge-qt.exe will reference the same “data directory” as your old one and keep chugging.

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