No Connections / Not Connected [Clearnet]

First off, make sure you have the latest servers in your Tools -> Network:

You should be seeing at least these 3 servers:


If you don’t have them, please follow these steps to update your file:

  1. Close down Electrum-XVG
  2. Go to
  3. Right click on “Raw” and click “Save Link As”. Save to downloads for now, or read steps 4-5-6 to save directly.

  1. Explore your drive to where you have Electrum-XVG files installed.
  2. Go into the lib folder
  3. Replace the existing with the you downloaded. Either save directly from step 3 or copy from downloads folder

  1. Open electrum XVG
  2. Verify the networks show up

The Electrum servers can get overloaded at certain peak times.

You can tinker around with selecting one of the e1,e2,e3 servers and checking the “auto connect” box to see which one is behaving nicely at that time.

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