No Connections / Not Connected [TOR]

Tor is banned in certain countries and even some ISPs. This wallet requires the Tor browser to be running.

  1. Make sure you have the Tor browser installed and running:
  2. Make sure “Auto Connect” is UNchecked


Step 3 is optional if steps 1 and 2 didn’t help !

  1. Update your
  • a) Browse to:
  • b) Right click on the “Raw” button towards the top right of the page, and “Save Link As”



  • c) Explore your drive to where you have Electrum-XVG files installed
  • d) Go into the lib folder
  • e) Replace the existing with the you downloaded



If you are still having issues — tinker around with the Network Settings screen. Try:
-using/not using SSL
-select each server individually and CHECK autoconnect
-change the proxy

Most of all, just try to be patient!

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