Using Verge Lumos v5 Wallet for Windows

Quick release notes:

No 32bit binaries have been compiled for this release, if you have a 32bit system please continue running the v4 wallet.

This wallet has not been skinned with Marvin’s amazing UX yet, we should give him a breather before we expect that. It’s rather basic looking in this release but is very functional and faster than any previous Verge QT wallet.

With any PC that has previously run a v4 QT wallet, the v4 blockchain data will have to be removed/replaced with the v5 data, the Lumos v5 wallet will not sync if v4 data is in place.

Data can be downloaded directly from and the data can be found on a windows system in %appdata%/verge/blocks and %appdata%/verge/chainstate

Video Instructions to Install the Wallet

Downloading the Wallet:

Get the Verge-QT Wallet installer at:
Locate and download/run/install the file “verge-5.x.x-win64-setup-unsigned.exe” file which is the installer for Windows.


Installing the Blockchain Data:

NOTE: Any Windows machine that has been used with a Verge v4 QT wallet will have to have the v4 blockchain data removed and the Lumos v5 blockchain data installed for the Lumos v5 wallet to sync. You DO NOT need to download the new blockchain files if you are simply upgrading from any v5 to any newer v5 release (example v5.0.0 to v5.1.1).
NOTE: Please also delete the old v4 wallet binaries (exe files) from your machine. If you accidentally launch the old v4 wallet after you’ve been using v5 on your machine it will start re-writing your block headers in the v4 format and you’ll have to repeat this v5 blockchain data installation process (running Option1, the script will take care of this for you in this instance).


Option 1: You can run the wallet after the install and let it sync on it’s own, this is the best option for new or un-experienced crypto wallet users as all you need to do is download and run the installer. Please note this option can take several hours to download all the historic blockchain data.

Option 2: You can use our handy batch file located here which will do all the work for you with just a few keypresses:

Option 3: Alternately, you can browse to %appdata%/verge/blocks and recycle/rename/move those files elsewhere and do the same for %appdata%/verge/chainstate then download the most recent Lumos v5 blockchain data from and unzip and copy the new data back into those folders.

Backing up Your Windows QT Wallet

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