Verge Lumos v5 Wallet Installation/Upgrade Guide for Mac

Quick release notes:

This wallet has not been skinned with Marvin’s amazing UX yet, we should give him a breather before we expect that. It’s rather basic looking in this release but is very functional and faster than any previous Verge QT wallet.

With any PC that has previously run a v4 QT wallet, the v4 blockchain data will have to be removed/replaced with the v5 data, the Lumos v5 wallet will not sync if v4 data is in place. Data can be downloaded directly from and below you’ll find links to a script that can automate this process.

You DO NOT need to download the new blockchain files if you are simply upgrading from v5.0.0 to v5.1.1.


NOTE: Please also delete the v4 wallet from your machine. If you accidentally launch the old v4 program after you’ve been using v5 on your machine it will start re-writing your block headers in the v4 format and you’ll have to repeat this v5 blockchain data installation process (running Option1, the script will take care of this for you in this instance)


***Please note we are still building installation instructions at this time for MAC. The install is pretty straight forward though, and below is a link to the Mac download***


Step 1 – Download and install the new Lumos v5 wallet:

Locate and download the verge-5.x.x-osx-unsigned.dmg file and install it.

Step 2 – Download and Installing the Blockchain:

Download the file –

  • Go to Finder and drag the file from Download folder to your Desktop.
  • Open Spotlight Search on your Mac by selecting Command + SpaceBar on your keyboard.
  • Type: Terminal and hit enter.
  • Terminal opens up.

  • Copy: cd ~/Desktop paste it in Terminal and hit enter.
  • Copy: python paste it in Terminal and hit enter.
  • At this point you’re installing the blockchain, just wait as you see the % increase. You’re done once you see — copying extracted files.

Your installation is complete. Enjoy.

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